Everything changes when you become a mom and it can be hard to figure out new routines and activities that are beneficial to both you and your baby. Even though it may seem a lot easier to just stay cooped up at home, both of you need to get out of the house every once in a while! There are all sorts of mommy and me classes out there which will not only get you out of the house but help you to make new mom friends. 

These classes will be entertaining for your baby or toddler, but they will also be enriching. They often help to teach new skills and help the two of you bond. Being around other babies gives your little one a good foundation of social skills as well. Best of all, because there are so many types of mommy and me classes you can really find something that interests you or that you enjoyed pre-baby. 



While the classes we talk about below will offer a specific service, you can also find a weekly class that rotates activities. Activities may include learning songs, artwork, or simply playtime on their indoor playgrounds. This kind of class is offered from Gymboree, one of the original Mommy and Me class providers. You may also have a My Gym, Kidville, or YMCA near you that offers the same kind of thing. 

Gymboree makes it very easy to find a class near you; check it out.


Mommy and Me music classes are very popular, and I think it is probably because most babies really enjoy music. These classes really keep their attention allowing the two of you to have plenty of fun together. Music classes are great for both little babies who love to be bounced along to some good tunes and toddlers that will dance around and maybe even pick up an instrument. Not to mention, dancing and singing together with your little one is a great way to let go and just bond. Who knows, you might just be setting the foundation for the next Mozart or John Mayer, whatever is more your thing. 

Music Together has a widespread reach, and so does Kindermusik


Swimming lessons can really start at any age, and if your family is frequently around water than the sooner the better. Mommy and Me swim classes will likely focus on familiarizing your baby with water and help you to get a little exercise in. While some families choose to begin earlier, a good time to start swim lessons is usually around 1 year old. Mommy and Me swim classes can also be helpful in guiding you on water safety tips and helping you lay the boundaries for your family when it comes to water activities. These classes can usually be found at the YMCA, but you may also have a local company offering them! 


I know you have seen that big group of moms walking around the neighborhood pushing their strollers in a pack and wondered what the heck inspires them to get up and get their exercise on. Well, what you are seeing is a Mommy and Me walking group and their inspiration for cardio is probably the company of other new moms! Not to mention, pushing that stroller around is actually a really great workout that requires no gym membership and no babysitter.

Some of these groups will be more casual and others will really focus on fitness, like FIT4MOM. You can check out their Mommy and Me Stride 360 Class here and look for a location near you


Once you got a rambunctious toddler on your hands, you will be on the search for the perfect playground to keep them entertained. I recommend checking out a playground group that has scheduled meetups so that your toddler can make some easy friends and you will have other moms to chat with while you push the swing or pull your 2-year-old off the slide they have climbed up the wrong way for the 7th time today. 

You can probably find one of these groups by searching in your local area on Facebook. 


We highly recommend Mommy and Me yoga! In fact, we have a whole article about it that you can check out which explains when your baby is old enough to start attending and why it is so beneficial to you both. In short, though, we love that yoga is often based on self-care and encourages you to look inward. New mamas can definitely use some of that. As for babies, yoga can help them motor and sensory skills. You can probably find a yoga studio near you that offers a Mommy and Me Class, and I would also recommend checking out your local YMCA. 

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