regexp cheatsheet

Character classes

.Any character, except newline
\WNot word
\DNot digit
\SNot whitespace
[abc]Any of a, b, or c
[a-e]Characters between a and e
[1-9]Digit between 1 and 9
[^abc]Any character except ab or c


^abcStart with abc
abc$End with abc

Escaped characters

\. \* \\Escape special character used by regex
\rCarriage return


(abc)Capture group


a*Match 0 or more
a+Match 1 or more
a?Match 0 or 1
a{5}Match exactly 5
a{,3}Match up to 3
a{3,}Match 3 or more
a{1,3}Match between 1 and 3
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